The Rondal Partridge Archive holds eighty years of Ron's photographic work. 

As one of Ansel Adams first assistants he climbed  in Yosemite and carried Ansel's equipment, but he also carried his own camera, shooting both the landscapes and Ansel.

Assisting Dorothea Lange in the Central Valley of California in the 1930s, Ron photographed the migrant conditions and captured many of the same individuals Dorothea photographed for the government. 

Ron kept his camera with him in the Navy, shooting moments of Navy life on a submarine and on the streets in the 1940s. 

Shooting for many of the mid-century modern architects of the day, he has a trove of photographs of great mid-century modern architectural work from the 1950s and 1960s.

Rarely leaving the house without a camera, Ron found images at the local flea market and on the streets, and was always 'running out the roll' at home with his family.

Anyone crossing Ron's path was a subject for his lens. His living room was his studio, and his photography his life.