Rondal Partridge Portfolios

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Quizzical Eye Portfolio

This portfolio was printed by Rondal and was completed to accompany his simultanious one-man exhibits at the Oakland Museum and the California Historical Society in San Francisco, in 2001.

The portfolio contains the following five prints, three silver prints and two platinum prints.

  • Potato Field Madonna, Kern County, California, 1940 (silver)
  • Pave it and Paint it Green, Yosemite National Park, mid-1960s (silver)
  • Meg, 1953 (silver)
  • Two Right Hands, 1988 (platinum)
  • Eight Lantern Poppies, 1988 (platinum)

Each print is signed by Rondal Partridge in the lower right-hand corner. Platinum prints printed on paper hand-coated by Rondal Partridge. Prints matted 13 inch by 16 inch on warm-white, archival mat board.

The portfolio is presented in a 14 inch by 17 inch clamshell box, hand-bound in Japanese silk, with title stamped in gold on the front and side. The portfolio also contains a short, personal essay entitled Glimpses of a Universe by Daniel Dixon, long-time friend of Partridge and son of Dorothea Lange and Maynard Dixon. The essay is printed letterpress on fine papers in a four-page descriptive folder. Portfolio presentation and printed pieces designed by Ano Nuevo Island Press.

21st Editions Portfolio- The Symmetry of Endeavor

The Symmetry of Endeavor
Edition: 52 portfolios
12 platinum prints mounted 16 x 13 inches
1 vintage platinum print from the Rondal Partridge Archive
DVD of Outta My Light! by Meg Partridge
Introduction and poems by John Wood
Handcrafted in New England


Rondal Partridge is one of the greatest and most visually exciting photographers of the twentieth century. His vision is thoroughly and completely his own, and that his name is not yet enshrined in the pantheon of the other greats is a tragic accident of photographic history, an omission which likely has more to do with his mother's great fame than with a serious consideration of his art.

Partridge, born in 1917, was raised in a family of artists, began photographing at fifteen, at seventeen began assisting Dorothea Lange, at nineteen became an assistant to Ansel Adams, and by the age of twenty-three was working as a professional photographer. He has also produced and directed films and been a university lecturer on photography. His work has been the subject of a book, "Quizzical Eye: The Photography of Rondal Partridge," and the film "Outta My Light!" His work was included in Edward Steichen's Family of Man exhibition and has been published in Horizon, Fortune, Harper's Bazaar, Life, Look, and all the major magazines.   -John Wood